RChilli Inc, frontrunner in, Resume Parsing and analysis, offers cutting edge solutions to manage volumes of data and makes the resume handling process more efficient and economical.
Rchilli, likes to build a scalable resume parser application. The main requirements were
Software should efficiently process generic resumes.
Converts resumes into XML fields with high accuracy level.
Performance of software is a major concern here.


Jobpadhq is a innovative HR based portal which is focused on the jobseeker side. It gives a complete facilitation to job seeker to apply job application in various position and managing resume, and updating resume using automated tools. This is completely automated profile management, social media integration and various ATS integration using AI and social media.
Problem Area
Client want to build a scalable portal application that helps job seekers in their job search and application process.
Helping them to get a job using social media, contact list and plan for a target job.
Build whole portal in php / Symphony.
And integrate latest tools and social media into this.
Most important to run the application on cloud for a scalable solution.